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Paula | Homeopath | paulajeffrey.com

“Receiving Morgan's gifts was life changing for me. I had a general idea of what she offered but the reality of the experience was far beyond what I had imagined. She was spot on with her observations, touching on feelings and physical sensations I’d been navigating for some time. In the weeks following our session I noticed long term physical symptoms shift, I was better able to prioritize my needs and speak up for myself, and I found significantly more ease and abundance in my business. I highly recommend Morgan!"

Lucy | purelybeing.com

“I came across Morgan’s work through a friend's Instagram and felt an immediate excitement to book a session with her. I’m SO grateful I did. Morgan is incredibly gifted at what she does. I feel deeply safe, seen, and cared for in her presence during our healing sessions. She is able to affirm my intuition in all the ways I most needed. I always feel lighter, brighter, and buzzy with energy after our sessions. After my last session, I had the most easy-breezy, *almost* pain-free period I have in a few years! Working with Morgan, I feel more permission than ever to be myself and trust my inner-wisdom. I can’t wait for my next session!”

Alex | alexcantone.com

“Upon entering our session I immediately dropped into a deep space where I was able to fully relax and allow Morgan to penetrate my energy field. Her gentle approach made it so easy for me to trust her ability to hold me in everything that I brought to our session. While we entered the session with the intention to focus on a recent injury, what followed was a far deeper, transformative healing that I didn't know I needed. She intuitively delivered the perfect concoction of energy work, channeled insight, and motherly nurturing. I especially enjoyed her translation of the message she was receiving from my guides and highest self as we moved through my energy centers. I could sense everything that she was naming, and could literally feel my body attuning to the guidance she was offering in real time. Too often we forget to invest our time and energy in experiences for the sole purpose of being held -- Morgan offered exactly that."

Rachel | puregenerators.com

“Morgan is brilliant at tuning into any blocks in my energy body, channeling messages and guidance from my higher self, and tuning up my overall energy flow. She’s great at picking up on desires and needs that I’m not even aware of and making recommendations that will keep my energy body in tip-top shape so I am connected to myself and the universe. I always look forward to my monthly sessions with her!"

Kara | Google

"Morgan truly has a gift, and carries so much love and light in her sessions. I signed up for both a Human Design Reading and several Energy Healing sessions and I have felt such a positive momentum in my life while working with her. I am so grateful I decided to step into this very unknown space because the outcome is even greater than I could have imagined! She is able to capture what is truly important and distill it in such a beautiful way that resonates to the core. I always feel so refreshed, rejuvenated, light, connected, and full of love and life after my sessions, while also having a greater sense of direction and understanding of myself. I still don't fully understand how this works remotely, but I am clear that shifts are happening and life is unfolding in such a beautiful way that I can now be more aligned with each and every day. I feel very inspired by the work Morgan is doing, and am looking forward to continuing to work with her!"

Kirsten | Health Coach

“My Human Design Reading with Morgan was so profound. It allowed me to let go of some old beliefs and patterns of thinking that I didn’t even realize I had been holding onto. The whole experience has been a deep exhale into myself--Like getting into a warm bath. I am so appreciative! It was special enough for me to gift it to ten of the most beloved people in my life and they have come back with rave reviews. Thank you!”

Yaira | Artist

Morgan provides the gentlest place to land with the most profound healing possible soon after. With her as your guide and trusted ear, she walks you towards a place where you can trust to let go and receive. She is a gifted energy healer whose powerful energy hits with immediacy. With her intuitive insight and practical guidance, she is a great ally and healer to add to your toolbox when in need of a pick me up or more direction.”

Neil | Spiritual Mentor & Coach

I've done countless energy healings with Morgan and they are all life-changing. Whatever I'm working through, she always brings through exactly what I'm needing. But my last session was ABSOLUTE BLISS. I do a lot of powerful healing work for others and had been wishing I could receive the same back... and in came Morgan. That session was a miracle in a moment.

There are so many things I'd been working through and this closed the door on so much of it. I've worked through various physical issues on my left side my entire life. A lot of it came up during the session and released by the end of it (especially a 10+ year subluxation along my spine in my lower back that's never fully healed despite the work done on it). My body finally felt at ease in a way I've never experienced. I'm also on a "5 year" in numerology which has to do with inner and physical freedom. 9 months into this year and this session brought up a moment I'd been waiting for all year. Towards the end of the session, I finally said to myself "I feel free".

So much love for Morgan and her immensely powerful work. It nourishes the body, heart & soul. You need ya some now!"

Dan | Soul Alignment Coach

Wow, Morgan is so incredibly gifted and tapped in spiritually. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving her Energy Healing and was so impressed that I also had a Human Design reading with her. Both sessions were so meaningful for me. The Energy Healing brought peace into my entire being and affirmed some things that I needed to hear. The Human Design reading both affirmed and informed me in so many valuable ways. I’m so grateful for Morgan living in her purpose and sharing her gifts with the world. I’ve recommended her to my friends and family. Thank you Morgan!”

Leah | Pharmacist

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for a session with Morgan. I just felt the call to book it, and I am so grateful I did. Even with the remote session, Morgan could tap into some things going on in my body that simply blew my mind. I felt lighter, and everything around me felt brighter after the session. I had been feeling so heavy and tired energetically for so long that I forgot what it felt to feel good. As I am a generator in Human Design, I felt more connected to my energy source and my intuition that I had been out of touch with for a long time. I can't wait for my next session."

Nicole | Life Coach

“I’ve had a couple of Energy Healings with Morgan and all I can say is they are soooo freaking cool! The healing itself was super cleansing, but what I loved most was hearing what Morgan saw as she was clearing the energy from my body and the messages she received during my healing. The whole process was so powerful and brought so much peace, clarity, and excitement into my life. I’m so grateful I started to work with Morgan to incorporate Energy Healings into my wellbeing routine. Morgan is such a beautiful gift!”

Chelsea | Copywriter

“My Energy Healing session with Morgan was like nothing I’ve experienced before. She creates a calm and peaceful space, inviting you to get comfortable while she works on your energetic body. I could tell the energy behind her work was powerful because my eyes immediately filled with tears as we began. Shortly after I softened into a very relaxed state, closing my eyes as I listened to the powerful visualizations she was sharing aloud. Following my session, I felt deeply relaxed and spiritually connected. She is the perfect person to be doing this type of work.”

Michelle | Life Coach + Business Consultant

“Morgan was a dream to stumble upon. Our encounter felt very synchronistic. I received a human design reading from her and its value surpassed my expectations. The way she broke down the information for me and continued to check in with me to see how the information was resonating was really helpful. More than anything my human design reading was extremely validating and helped me understand better ways to accomplish my goals while working with my energetic self and creating harmony in the way that I move through life. She gave me both the video recording and 8 pages of notes to use and reflect back on. I know I will continue to use these tools as I move forward. Thank you infinitely for the service you provided me, Morgan!”

Christina | Pilates Teacher

"I’ve done different types of Energy Healing before but Morgan’s unique talent and intuition sets her apart from the rest. Although the appointment took place remotely, I still felt connected, safe and heard. Not only was I able to reconnect with my spirit and gain insight to my most pressing questions, but she helped to reassure me that I am exactly where I need to be. In times of turmoil and doubt, I reflect back on our appointment to calm, ground and align myself. I look forward to working with her again!”

Jacqui | Parenting Coach

“Morgan has such a beautiful, calming energy. My Energy Healing session left me feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. What a wonderful gift she has been given to work on others this way. It was so very personal even though we have never met. Morgan instantly made me feel at ease and the work I received was so very accurate. It was such a calming and grounding experience, even days later. I really feel like this was such a great cleansing for my energetic body and will definitely be coming back for maintenance sessions. Even if you are slightly curious about Energy Healing, do yourself a favour and book a session with Morgan; your higher self will thank you!”

Louise | Physicians Assistant

“I wasn't quite sure what to expect with Morgan's Energy Healing sessions, but I felt called to do a session as soon as I read about it. I wound up doing multiple sessions with Morgan and they were nothing short of perfect. Morgan is amazingly warm and open, easily creating an inviting space to learn more about yourself without judgement. She worked on healing various aspects that popped up for me and it has felt like my soul has stepped into a new chapter of its being since my sessions. Morgan will take fantastic care of you and lovingly help your soul continue to progress, release, heal in whatever ways are needed.

Rebecca | Akashic Records Reader

“I recently received an Energy Healing from Morgan. The experience was not only transformational in the moment despite her working remotely on me, but has also become massively supportive to my future and spiritual path ahead. Physically I have noticed my posture has changed and the constriction that I have experienced in my throat chakra nearly lifelong has left all together!! I highly recommend her services.”

Caroline | Reiki Healer

“As soon as I read Morgan's Gift Activation offering description, I felt called to schedule a session and was not disappointed. She's incredibly warm and opened up a safe space for me to feel seen and heard. I came out of my session much lighter and energized, and feel like I'm seeing life through a new lens. I started my period the next day and typically have cramps and feel overall 'meh' on Day 1, but I'm feeling really great! I can't recommend Morgan enough!"

Donna | Energy Healer

“Morgan is overflowing with love and light! She mentioned that she saw some stuck energy in my belly. What she didn't know was that I had been having digestive issues and my daughter recently had a miscarriage and I could feel that I was doing some clearing for her in my own body. Morgan mentioned that my daughter showed up in the session and she worked on her as well. After the session both my daughter and I felt so much lighter and physically better. I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in healing themselves, learning more about themselves or just wanting to be enlightened. She’s awesome!!!”

Britni | Marketing Coach

“It's hard to describe my session with Morgan but the one word that keeps coming to mind is "home." I felt so at home, so supported, loved, and understood during my session. Not only do I have confirmation of all that I've been feeling through the years, the ups and downs and at times the confusion, I now have a better understanding of who I am, what I should be doing, and where I'm going.”

Jordan | Trauma Therapist

"Morgan has empowered me to rediscover my needs and bring joy back into my life! Before I started working with Morgan, I was not only dealing with physical symptoms related to an autoimmune disorder but also feeling distant from my own sense of self. I felt disconnected from my body and what it was telling me. Morgan helped me to become more intuitive and aware of my own power within. She also guided me on making diet changes and adding supplements, making it possible to start reducing my medications. Today, I no longer struggle with acid reflux, chronic fatigue, and restless sleep, which had been a part of my daily life for years. I now better understand how stress depletes one’s energy, negatively impacting so many systems, and how to feel more balanced day to day. Morgan utilizes a variety of skill sets and gifts, along with her unconditional positive regard, to guide her clients on a journey to healthier ways of being."

Sarah | Dental Hygienist 

“My energy healing session with Morgan was a very special experience. Even though the session was done remotely, I felt very connected and safe the entire time. Morgan has a very comforting and warm presence. She is very gifted In her intuitions and was able to help me release a lot of trapped emotions in my body. The morning after my session I felt a noticeable difference both physically and emotionally! My knees didn’t crack (which I had been dealing with for a few years) and I felt so much more calm during a work meeting that would have normally caused me extreme anxiety. I am so thankful for Morgan’s support and am looking forward to working together again."

Ashley | Virtual Assistant

I booked my session with Morgan with no particular area to work on but was so drawn to her energy when I came across her page. I’m so happy I did! Morgan was so warm and welcoming. She immediately mentioned things that resonated deep within me while gently reminding me what my body needed for support and ease in my everyday living. Morgan helped me release blockages, her gentle and loving approach left an uplifting impact on my body for days, I felt like Lighter and full of creative energy. I’m so looking forward to my next session!

Alyssa | Business Professional

My session with Morgan was a positive and uplifting experience. She hit on several things that felt true for me, and was able to provide much needed validation for certain things that have been challenging for me as well. Hearing some of that reflected allowed me to experience some of my anger that I know is part of the healing process, and let me through visualizations that were helpful and enlightening. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised that the healing process can be so effortless. I have had sessions with other practitioners that left me feeling overwhelmed, uneasy, fearful or just caught up in negative interpretations in my mind, but my session with Morgan didn't leave me feeling that way at all. I appreciate Morgan's comforting, gentle style and her energy - her good vibes!"

Brooke | Artist

"I have received both energy healing and a Human Design Reading from Morgan. I had looked into my chart before, but it was so helpful having her break it all down and explain deeper. She pointed out certain parts of my Human Design chart that I had never understood and made some really interesting connections. She has such a calming and familiar energy that made me feel comfortable. I left the reading feeling empowered, understood and also excited to dig into more HD info. My energy healing session with Morgan was so magical and relaxing. She has such a loving and supportive presence. She removed some energy that had been passed on from a family member that was causing a block and holding me back. I left my energy healing session feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and could immediately tell a difference. I highly recommend working with Morgan."

Alicia | USA

"Morgan is a bright shining light in this world. She is truly embodying her design as a Projector and using her unique and supportive gifts to really see straight into a person's energy body so she can help guide them to finding strength and power within themselves. I could feel the genuine gratitude she has for being able to share her gifts with me in a way that would support my own inner knowing and wisdom. She made me feel incredibly safe to explore this frequency-raising modality. I felt a deep release of something and someone that I had been holding onto despite knowing it wasn't serving me. She showed me the reasons why I have been doing that and created the space for me to understand, to appreciate the loving connection I had, and she empowered and supported me to let go and lean into trusting myself more. It was an emotional and eye-opening experience that has truly shifted my understanding of what energy work can do for the body, mind, spirit, and soul. I highly recommend seeking out Morgan's services if you are looking for some assistance and guidance in finding your way back to your highest self."

Stephanie | Marketing Coach

"I loved my energy healing session with Morgan. I felt very comfortable as she talked me through it. I felt transported to a deeper level of myself. Afterward, things that she saw in the session started to show up on my path (Egypt, Pyramids etc). Morgan's voice was very soothing, like stepping into a warm bath and feeling supported and completely seen."

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