Ready to Discover Your Energetic Blueprint? 

Human Design give us an energetic blueprint of our essential selves and shows us how to leverage our unique energy to achieve health, peace, satisfaction and success. 


The modern astrology system you never knew you needed - until now.

Human Design opens your awareness of yourself and gives you keys to unlocking your body's innate wisdom. Once you release the stress of trying to be something you are not and start living as yourself, you begin making choices that are right for you, experiencing harmony in your relationships, and utilizing your talents and abilities to the fullest.

Blog Post: What is Human Design?

Live Zoom Human Design Reading



  • Your energy/aura type (and how to leverage it)
  • Your best decision making strategy
  • Your life purpose and how it can be accomplished
  • The biggest gift you are endowed with in this life
  • How to eat to best support your design
  • Your ideal environment
  • Your strongest sense (aka “superpower”)

The Alignment Package



  • The ultimate experience to unlock your highest vibe and align your life
  • One Human Design Reading (valued at $222) to illuminate your energetic blueprint
  • Four Energy Healing Sessions (valued at $444) to restore you back to your unique energetic frequency


In their words...

"My Human Design Reading was special enough for me to gift it to ten of the most beloved people in my life and they have come back with rave reviews." 

My Human Design Reading with Morgan was so profound. It allowed me to let go of some old beliefs and patterns of thinking that I didn’t even realize I had been holding onto. The whole experience has been a deep exhale into myself - like getting into a warm bath. I am so appreciative!

- Kirsten | Health Coach

energy healing

Dan | Soul Alignment Coach

“Wow, Morgan is so incredibly gifted and tapped in spiritually. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving her Energy Healing and was so impressed that I also had a Human Design reading with her. Both sessions were so meaningful for me. The Energy Healing brought peace into my entire being and affirmed some things that I needed to hear. The Human Design reading both affirmed and informed me in so many valuable ways. I’m so grateful for Morgan living in her purpose and sharing her gifts with the world. I’ve recommended her to my friends and family. Thank you Morgan!”

Kara | Google

"Morgan truly has a gift, and carries so much love and light in her sessions. I have sign up for both a Human Design Reading and several Energy Healing sessions and I have felt such a positive momentum in my life while working with her. I am so grateful I decided to step into this very unknown space because the outcome is even greater than I could have imagined! She is able to capture what is truly important and distill it in such a beautiful way that resonates to the core. I always feel so refreshed, rejuvenated, light, connected, and full of love and life after my sessions, while also having a greater sense of direction and understanding of myself. I still don't fully understand how this works remotely, but I am clear that shifts are happening and life is unfolding in such a beautiful way that I can now be more aligned with each and every day. I feel very inspired by the work Morgan is doing, and am looking forward to continuing to work with her!”


Michelle | Life Coach

“Morgan was a dream to stumble upon, our encounter felt very synchronistic. I received a human design reading from her and its value surpassed my expectations. The way she broke down the information for me and continued to check in with me to see how the information was resonating was really helpful. More than anything this reading was extremely validating and helped me understand better ways to accomplish my goals while working with my energetic self and creating harmony in the way that I move through life. She gave me both the video recording and 8 pages of notes to use and reflect back on. I know I will continue to use these tools as I move forward. Thank you infinitely for the service you provided me, Morgan!””

Now it's your turn.



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