Want to clear away the physical, emotional and spiritual barriers that stand between you, your health and your purpose?

The power to heal lies within you.


Energy healing brings you back to your highest vibrational frequency which not only sets the foundation for all levels of healing to occur, it attracts the right people, places and things into your life for whatever path you're on.

Align with your highest frequency and empower your purpose.

One Session


  • Accelerated physical healing
  • Alignment with your purpose
  • Clear sense of direction
  • Better boundaries
  • More energy
  • Heightened joy
  • More flow + ease
  • MORE FUN ⁣! ⁣⁣⁣⁣

The Maintenance Package


Most Popular

  • Four energy healing sessions
  • Save 10% when you purchase this package
  • Receive ongoing maintenance sessions to accelerate your process
  • Schedule sessions bi-weekly or monthly

The Alignment Package


  • The ultimate experience to unlock your highest vibe and align your life
  • One Human Design Reading (valued at $222) to illuminate your energetic blueprint
  • Four Energy Healing Sessions (valued at $444) to help restore you to your highest frequency


In their words...

Morgan will take fantastic care of you and lovingly help your soul continue to progress, release, heal in whatever ways are needed.

“I wasn't quite sure what to expect with Morgan's Energy Healing sessions, but I felt called to do a session as soon as I read about it. I wound up doing multiple sessions with Morgan and they were nothing short of perfect. Morgan is amazingly warm and open, easily creating an inviting space to learn more about yourself without judgement. She worked on healing various aspects that popped up for me and it has felt like my soul has stepped into a new chapter of its being since my sessions.”

- Louise, Physician's Assistant

energy healing

Cheslea | Copywriter

“My Energy Healing session with Morgan was like nothing I’ve experienced before. She creates a calm and peaceful space, inviting you to get comfortable while she works on your energetic body. I could tell the energy behind her work was powerful because my eyes immediately filled with tears as we began. Shortly after I softened into a very relaxed state, closing my eyes as I listened to the powerful visualizations she was sharing aloud. Following my session, I felt deeply relaxed and spiritually connected. She is the perfect person to be doing this type of work.”

Christina | Pilates Instructor

"I’ve done different types of Energy Healing before but Morgan’s unique talent and intuition sets her apart from the rest. Although the appointment took place remotely, I still felt connected, safe and heard. Not only was I able to reconnect with my spirit and gain insight to my most pressing questions, but she helped to reassure me that I am exactly where I need to be. In times of turmoil and doubt, I reflect back on our appointment to calm, ground and align myself. I look forward to working with her again!”


Nicole | Life & Executive Coach

“I’ve had a couple of Energy Healings with Morgan and all I can say is they are soooo freaking cool! The healing itself was super cleansing, but what I loved most was hearing what Morgan saw as she was clearing the energy from my body and the messages she received during my healing. The whole process was so powerful and brought so much peace, clarity, and excitement into my life. I’m so grateful I started to work with Morgan to incorporate Energy Healings into my wellbeing routine. Morgan is such a beautiful gift!”

Rebecca | Akashic Records Reader

“I recently received an Energy Healing from Morgan. The experience was not only transformational in the moment despite her working remotely on me, but has also become massively supportive to my future and spiritual path ahead. Physically I have noticed my posture has changed and the constriction that I have experienced in my throat chakra nearly lifelong has left all together!! I highly recommend her services.”

Dan | Soul Alignment Coach

Wow, Morgan is so incredibly gifted and tapped in spiritually. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving her Energy Healing and was so impressed that I also had a Human Design reading with her. Both sessions were so meaningful for me. The Energy Healing brought peace into my entire being and affirmed some things that I needed to hear. The Human Design reading both affirmed and informed me in so many valuable ways. I’m so grateful for Morgan living in her purpose and sharing her gifts with the world. I’ve recommended her to my friends and family. Thank you Morgan!”

Neil | Spiritual Mentor

“My Energy Healing with Morgan was amazing.  I could feel the energy immediately flowing through my body. The images she saw were complete embodiments of the things I had been going through the last few months (of which she knew nothing about beforehand). She helped to clear out the layers preventing me from being in the pure energy of my higher self. After the session I immediately went into meditation and came out feeling completely refreshed, clear of any of the heavy negative weight I was holding, and felt nearly reborn. Definitely work with her if you can. I'll be coming back for plenty more.”


“Morgan is overflowing with love and light! I was amazed at what she could see even though the session was done remotely. She mentioned that she saw some stuck energy in my belly. What she didn't know was that I had been having digestive issues and my daughter recently had a miscarriage and I could feel that I was doing some clearing for her in my own body. Morgan mentioned that my daughter showed up in the session and she worked on her as well. After the session both my daughter and I felt so much lighter and physically better. I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in healing themselves, learning more about themselves or just wanting to be enlightened. She’s awesome!!!”

Jacqui | Connection Coach

“Morgan has such a beautiful, calming energy. My Energy Healing session left me feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. What a wonderful gift she has been given to work on others this way. It was so very personal even though we have never met. Morgan instantly made me feel at ease and the work I received was so very accurate. It was such a calming and grounding experience, even days later. I really feel like this was such a great cleansing for my energetic body and will definitely be coming back for maintenance sessions. Even if you are slightly curious about Energy Healing, do yourself a favour and book a session with Morgan; your higher self will thank you!”

Britni | Conscious Living Expert

“It's hard to describe my session with Morgan but the one word that keeps coming to mind is "home." I felt so at home, so supported, loved, and understood during my session. Not only do I have confirmation of all that I've been feeling through the years, the ups and downs and at times the confusion, I now have a better understanding of who I am, what I should be doing, and where I'm going.”

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