How to understand and balance the five layers of your energy body

One of my clients recently sent me this message after her first energy healing session with me: 

“I still don’t totally understand how it works (especially from a distance), but I know that I felt some shifts that I can’t explain”. 

I smiled to myself because most people don’t understand energy healing. It can seem like a mysterious process so I want to pull the curtain back for you, and shed some light on what goes on during an energy healing session. 

But before we dive in, please take all of the information below as a model, knowing it’s impossible to express Truth (with a capital T) in any earthly language or with absolute certainty. 

Ok, let’s begin :)


You see, the human energy field consists of five layers of energy, or energy bodies. The first layer is the physical body. This is the most obvious layer of our energy because you can touch and see it. But there are four other...

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