What Is Human Design?

What is Human Design?


The modern astrology system you never knew you needed - until now.

Human Design is a system that pulled me in right away when I heard about it back in 2018 on the Expanded podcast with Lacy Phillips. Imagine a system that gives you an energetic blueprint with clues about your energetic gifts, your life purpose, and the strategies that work best for achieving your goals. I had delved into the Enneagram and played a bit with the Myers-Briggs system, but this system felt like it was speaking to something completely different - an energetic current that pulsed behind the scenes in every aspect of my life, but that I hadn’t yet found the language to speak about. It’s safe to say I was hooked.

A wild beginning. Where did Human Design come from? 

The origin of the system is undeniably wild, and can feel like a lot at first, but I always remind people that Human Design is not a religion or belief system. In fact, the system is designed to be an experiment, and people are encouraged to test out the knowledge in their own life before deciding what to make of it.

It was founded by Ra Uru Hu, back in the 80’s after an eight-day encounter that involved a download of massive amounts of energetic information. He described the experience as connecting to an entity from outside this realm that dictated the mechanics of the system to him. He decided to dedicate the rest of his life to sharing this information, eventually writing a 400 page book that explains the mechanics of the Human Design system, and draws upon the I-ching, western astrology, the Kabbalah, the Hindu chakra system, and quantum physics.

For those of us who haven’t delved into the realms of channeling, this may sound a bit nuts (I get it!) -- that is, until you download your BodyGraph and start to realize how shockingly accurate it is. All you need to generate your unique blueprint, or your BodyGraph, is your birth information, similar to creating your natal chart in astrology.

The beauty in differentiation. The Human Design System. 

The external world floods us with one-size-fits-all approaches for living our best life -- but Human Design brings us back to ourselves, and reminds us of our own sacred individuality. At its core, Human Design is a self-discovery tool that allows people to reconnect with their highest self. It teaches us how to make decisions that are correct for ourselves and how to embrace the most authentic expressions of ourselves.

The BodyGraph serves as a treasure trove of personal information, helping you release preconceived ideas about what is best for you, and allowing you to refocus on what is actually correct for your own design. On the most practical level, the BodyGraph is a representation of your energy body (aura). It shows you how to support your physical body, which environments are best for you, what career paths might lend well to your strengths, and how to deepen your intuitive abilities. As you lean into this self-discovery process, you’ll notice that things start to feel easier, pieces fall into place, synchronicities start to appear, and you no longer feel the need to push so hard.

Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around. - Jenna Zoe

Discovering your Human Design Blueprint. 

There are four different aura types, each with very distinct strategies. Following the strategy that is correct for your type allows you to harness your natural energy and move through the world with more ease and less friction.

Human Design Generators (The Builders)

Generators represent about 70% of the population -- they are meant to focus their incredible physical energy on whatever it is that lights them up. They are the life force of our planet, providing the day-to-day energy necessary for collective evolution. As a generator, your correct strategy is to respond, as opposed to initiate. Generators do best when they wait for questions from others, and learn to feel a “yes” and “no” within their own body when responding.

Human Design Projectors (The Coordinators)

Projectors represent about 20% of the population. Their strategy is to wait for the invitation. Projectors have a focused and penetrating aura that allows them to see and understand others on a very deep level. When invited and properly recognized, projectors are here to share their insights and to guide others. If they focus on the wrong people and situations, they are prone to feeling bitter and to becoming burned out. They must learn to be extremely discerning about how they spend their energy. Projectors are naturals at mastering systems and seeing patterns, and when they use their energy wisely, they can experience great success.

Human Design Manifestors (The Initiators)

Manifestors represent about 9% of the population. As natural initiators, their strategy is to inform those around them before taking action. With a "repelling" or impactful aura, manifestors have a powerful impact on those around them, and can be intimidating to others or make them feel uneasy. Informing others of their actions naturally relaxes those around them and removes any energetic resistance, allowing them to initiate in peace. When they are moving through life without informing others, they can start to feel angry at the resistance they experience.

Human Design Reflectors (The Mirrors)

Reflectors represent only about 1% of the population. They have a resilient aura that reflects back the energy of those around them. Because they’re designed to amplify everything and everyone, their greatest gift is to read others and their environments. Their strategy in life is to wait a full lunar cycle before making big decisions, allowing them to thoroughly process the energy around them. When they are healthy and in the right place, they tend to revel in the wonders and joys of life. However, if they start to identify too heavily with the energies they are observing, they can become exhausted.

Your Human Design Permission Slip.

More than anything else, Human Design has given me a permission slip to be myself -- to drop the mask, and the acting, and the trying. When I first discovered the system several years back, it felt like a breath of fresh air -- like taking off an uncomfortable dress that I had been forcing myself into for years, and finally just letting myself breathe.

Leaving behind what no longer served me. When I stopped leaning on one-size-fits-all diets, marketing strategies, and lifestyles, something really special started to happen - life started to feel easier! Learning to push away these false shortcomings that I had subconsciously been carrying around, allowed me to appreciate what was left underneath, at my core. As a projector, I started to hone in on my ability to serve as a guide to others, and this eventually led to my work doing energy healing and Human Design readings for others. I realized that I was able to see so deeply into other people and how valuable this was in helping others create alignment and find clarity.

Deeper understanding and validation. The system gave me a deeper understanding of how I experience emotion (open solar plexus) and the ways in which I can support myself and others in relationships. It validated my need for rest and alone time, and brought light to the way in which my specific design is actually segmented into three distinct phases (my 6/2 profile type). And the most amazing aspect of the system is the incredible depth it offers. I see myself as a life-long student of Human Design, and know that I can look to it for further clarity in all areas of my life - business, parenting, relationships, and intuition. It really is like an onion, with layers and layers to uncover over time.

The science of differentiation. As a projector, I now understand how to leverage my personal strengths and see the value in waiting for the invitation. I can see the energetics at play, dancing behind the scenes in every relationship or business interaction. And I have real empathy for those who try to latch onto whichever lifestyle, healing protocol or fad-diet is being touted as best, only to “fail” despite having checked all the boxes. The same advice does NOT work for everyone. We are designed to achieve success in very different ways, and discovering your energetic blueprint lets you dance more gracefully with the universe, and experience life more fully and naturally.

A life of ease. By studying my unique design, I’ve been able to relax into a much more simple way of life. I’ve realized I am meant to study and master the things I’m naturally drawn to, and have given myself permission to revel in these areas. By developing expertise in certain areas, people are drawn to me and are more receptive to my guidance. I can now trust in universal timing, knowing that I am designed to wait for invitations and knowing that those can take days, weeks, months or even years! I love knowing that my signature is success, and that this success is designed to come to me through EASE.

An invitation to start your human design journey.

If you’d like to learn more about your unique Human Design, I invite you to run your free chart here. All you need is your birth information (date, time, location)!

If you’d like to dive deep into your specific design and how you can begin to leverage your energy to live your best life, I invite you to schedule a Foundational Human Design Reading with me. Clients come away feeling validated, inspired, and ready to step into their life with more authenticity and self-awareness.



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