Doing Business as YOU: Growing Your Business With Human Design


When I left my corporate job in 2019, I tried to build my business how I saw everyone else doing it. While it worked, it wasn’t sustainable. I burnt out after a year.⁣

Enter Human Design...⁣

When I began to truly honor my Projector energy, things began to flow...almost effortlessly. And here I am, doing work that I love and it feels EASY. I have not been “trying” and my schedule is usually booked out 2-4 weeks in advance. I’m still pinching myself to be honest.

Maybe you’re like me, and you’ve spent countless months experimenting with business strategies, only to end up feeling disingenuous or disappointed. Maybe you’ve taken advice from a business coach or marketing course that didn’t feel quite right for your business and ended up frustrated by the lack of results. 

I have some good news. Learning to leverage your Human Design type is a game changer when it comes to running your business, because it allows you to show up as YOURSELF. And there is nothing more attractive than authenticity to any savvy consumer. 


If you already know your Human Design type, GREAT - use the tips below to evaluate how aligned your strategy is with your type, and where you can layer in even more authenticity. If you don’t yet know your Human Design type, start with the What is Human Design? post. You’ll find a link within the post to download your BodyGraph which will include your Human Design type. 

Our Human Design type helps us understand our individual aura -- the energetic current that flows through us every day, and can be felt by those around us, like potential clients! By understanding your energy type, you can choose strategies that will land well with your audience, and make running your business so much easier!



Know your superpowers. 

Your business should be built on your energetic gifts. As a Projector, you are here to provide guidance, consulting, and wisdom. You are excellent at mastering systems and seeing patterns, and using this knowledge to help others achieve their goals. As a Projector, you have an incredible ability to see what others need, and help them make effective decisions, solve problems, and heal on many levels. 

Marketing for Human Design Projectors.

People are most receptive to your knowledge when they come to you or invite you into a situation. Your first job is to become an expert in whatever it is you’re offering, and to appreciate and recognize yourself. From there, people will begin to recognize you and seek out your guidance and help. 

The key to marketing yourself as a Projector is to be super lowkey. For you, marketing can be as simple as consistently sharing the things you’re learning about on social media platforms and within your network. More traditional marketing strategies tend to come across as overly aggressive when employed by the Projector aura. Avoid anything that feels sales-y or self-promotional as these tactics can be cringe-worthy coming from Projectors. 

When deciding on the messaging for use in paid ads, or on your website, be sure to keep the focus on the client by using language that is centered around them. When showing up on social media, use a casual tone to share what you’ve been up to with others. 


“I’m so excited to see the healing taking place in my recent sessions. If you feel called to learn more, I invite you to join the upcoming webinar on lightbody activation.”

“I’ve been heads down the last couple weeks exploring parenting through a new lens -- the Human Design lens! If you’re a parent and want to learn more about supporting your kids through Human Design, feel free to check out my most recent blog post.”



Know your superpowers. 

As a Generator, you’re here to dedicate your incredible physical energy to building a better future. You possess the patience necessary to try things over and over again while working toward long-term mastery in any field that lights you up. 

You’re a builder of new infrastructure, and play a critical role in creating a more sustainable economy for the collective. Your persistence allows you to “hang in there” when the going gets tough, and your flexibility makes you a great team player, with the ability to adapt to the needs of those around you. 

You have a deep inner awareness that pulses through you, giving a clear response when posed with a “yes” or “no” question. Trust that these “gut feelings” will lead you to the right place, to do the right work, with the right people. 

Note: Manifesting Generators tend to be super quick moving individuals, and are masters at multitasking. They have the ability to work on several projects at once and keep the ball in the air with several client leads at one time. 

Marketing for Human Design Generators.

As a Generator, you see the ways in which your offerings would serve your potential clients and you can clearly envision the steps they need to take to achieve results, but you do best when waiting for something to respond to as opposed to leaping into action unprompted. 

Networking is key to marketing your services as a Generator. Engaging in natural conversation about topics related to your business within your social circles is great for you. You can also try joining social media groups where people share a common interest. Whether it’s in conversation while networking, or the messaging you choose for your website, questions are the key to engaging with potential customers and pursuing leads. 


“Are you struggling with creating the money you need to get your business started?”

“Are you tired of having to spend hours and hours each week meal-prepping to accommodate your dietary restrictions?”

“Is it really the lack of time that’s keeping you away from the gym, or are you feeling drained at the end of your workday?” 



Know your superpowers. 

As a Manifestor, you are here to initiate and innovate -- to challenge the status quo and usher in new paradigms and ways of living. You are designed to lead by sharing your insight, pushing people beyond their comfort levels, and empowering people to live in more evolved ways. You’re here to blaze your own trail as a thought leader, early adopter, and inventor. 

Marketing for Human Design Manifestors. 

As a Manifestor, your marketing can be pretty straightforward and barebones. Your role is to inform potential clients of what you’re offering and let them know what the process is for working with you. You don’t need to ask for the sale. Simply tell the prospective clients what you’re offering and how to engage with you to move forward in the sales process. Your strategy is very much about getting in the door, sharing your message and getting out of the way. 


“I’ll be sharing a powerful investment technique centered around cryptocurrency this coming Friday on Zoom. If you’d like to join, shoot me a message no later than Thursday at noon. Look forward to seeing you there!”



Know your superpowers. 

As a Reflector, you have the rare ability to absorb frequencies around you and reflect them back to the external world. Energetically, you are very open and receptive to the people and places in your life, and serve as an excellent barometer of community health. 

Reflectors can do just about anything in business. One of your biggest strengths is the ability to really see and experience others on a deep level. The challenge is distinguishing your own energy from the energy of others. You are highly intuitive and wise and do well guiding others in healing work or in providing your knowledge in a consulting capacity. 

Marketing for Human Design Reflectors. 

As a Reflector, you can use a number of marketing strategies with good success. 

More important than the type of marketing approach you choose, is the amount of time you allow yourself in making business decisions. Ideally you should wait a full lunar cycle before deciding to commit to any particular business strategy or marketing campaign. 

This gives you enough time to thoroughly process the high volume of information you are receiving from your external environment. For this reason, learning to reject society’s extreme pressure to act quickly is of tremendous value to you. 



If you found this post helpful, I invite you to dive deeper with a foundational Human Design reading. Clients come away feeling validated, inspired, and ready to step into their life with more authenticity and self-awareness.

Each reading covers: 

  • Your best decision making strategy 
  • Your life purpose and how it can be accomplished
  • The biggest gift you are endowed with in this life
  • Common themes/patterns in your life
  • How to eat to best support your design 
  • Your ideal environment
  • Your strongest sense (aka superpower)

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