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Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils


Surely you have seen information swirling around the internet about getting rid of the toxic products in your life, from our personal care products and laundry care to over the counter medications and cleaning supplies. So you know they can’t be good, but do you know WHY they are so bad? These toxins overwhelm your liver, disrupt hormonal balance and alter the gut microbiome which leads to human diseases via several mechanisms including changes in the metabolite profiles, diversity loss, and altered energy metabolism.

Unfortunately, we’re constantly exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins. In fact, we live in an age where we are exposed to more toxic substances than any other generation before us.

So eliminating and replacing these toxins with natural alternatives becomes critical when healing from autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses. By doing so you  support your body’s natural healing process.

One way you can reduce...

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How to understand and balance the five layers of your energy body

One of my clients recently sent me this message after her first energy healing session with me: 

“I still don’t totally understand how it works (especially from a distance), but I know that I felt some shifts that I can’t explain”. 

I smiled to myself because most people don’t understand energy healing. It can seem like a mysterious process so I want to pull the curtain back for you, and shed some light on what goes on during an energy healing session. 

But before we dive in, please take all of the information below as a model, knowing it’s impossible to express Truth (with a capital T) in any earthly language or with absolute certainty. 

Ok, let’s begin :)


You see, the human energy field consists of five layers of energy, or energy bodies. The first layer is the physical body. This is the most obvious layer of our energy because you can touch and see it. But there are four other...

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What Is Human Design?

What is Human Design?


The modern astrology system you never knew you needed - until now.

Human Design is a system that pulled me in right away when I heard about it back in 2018 on the Expanded podcast with Lacy Phillips. Imagine a system that gives you an energetic blueprint with clues about your energetic gifts, your life purpose, and the strategies that work best for achieving your goals. I had delved into the Enneagram but this system felt like it was speaking to something completely different - an energetic current that pulsed behind the scenes in every aspect of my life, but that I hadn’t yet found the language to speak about. It’s safe to say I was hooked.

A wild beginning. Where did Human Design come from? 

The origin of the system is undeniably wild, and can feel like a lot at first, but I always remind people that Human Design is not a religion or belief system. In fact, the system is designed to be an experiment, and people are encouraged to test...

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Doing Business as YOU: Growing Your Business With Human Design


When I left my corporate job in 2019, I tried to build my business how I saw everyone else doing it. While it worked, it wasn’t sustainable. I burnt out after a year.

Enter Human Design...

When I began to truly honor my Projector energy, things began to flow...almost effortlessly. And here I am, doing work that I love and it feels EASY. I have not been “trying” and my schedule is usually booked out 2-4 weeks in advance. I’m still pinching myself to be honest.

Maybe you’re like me, and you’ve spent countless months experimenting with business strategies, only to end up feeling disingenuous or disappointed. Maybe you’ve taken advice from a business coach or marketing course that didn’t feel quite right for your business and ended up frustrated by the lack of results. 

I have some good news. Learning to leverage your Human Design type is a game changer when it comes to...

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The power to heal lies within you. 

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