Hi - I'm Morgan!

As a quantum energy healer and psychic, I help you heal the original source of energetic blocks (whether it's past life, generational or current life) and restore your highest frequency so that you can expand into your fullest expression.

But how did I get here?

After going down a path in life that was so out of alignment for me (I used to be a financial analyst!) that it left me with a life-threatening autoimmune disease, I knew something needed to change.

In addition to supporting my body physically, I embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery and began to look deeper into the energetic roots of my physical symptoms.

As I went along, it became clear that:

The more I aligned with who I really was - my Essence - the healthier I became.

My healing was less about "improving" or "fixing" myself and more about letting go of the energies that were not serving me and instead, coming back to myself.

Over the years, I’ve studied many different systems. The chakra system, the meridian system, the Enneagram, The Diamond Approach, Human Design, Ontology, yoga, Zen Buddhism, meditation, Reiki, functional medicine, qi gong, Ayurveda, somatic awareness, the list goes on.

Each path, in it's own way, liberated me by helping me let go of what wasn't me and in turn, recognize and access my essential self.

When I say my "essential self", I mean me, as a multidimensional, spiritual being with a unique combination of energy, gifts and access to the nature of all things, without the conditioning and societal programming.

Our essential selves hold our highest vibrational frequency.

As I began living from my essence (my highest frequency) more and more, life became more fulfilling, I felt in flow, and most importantly:

As I let go of what wasn’t me, I was able to empower my body's innate healing abilities and made the space for my divine purpose to flow through me.

Through coming back to myself and my highest frequency, my innate energy healing and psychic gifts strengthened as did my confidence in sharing them with others.

It's my true honor to support you in your healing journey.

Want to hear more of my story and the being that showed up to re-activate my energetic gifts? You can hear this story (+ an energy healing meditation!) on my guest interview of the Modern Mindfulness podcast.

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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