Come back to yourSelf.

Unlock your body's innate healing abilities.


Hi, I'm Morgan! After healing from two autoimmune diseases and hypothyroidism, I discovered that true healing occurs when you align with the energy of your essential self.


As an intuitive energy healer, I restore the frequency of your essential self so you can:

Raise your vibration

Whether it’s stuff from the past or just the day-to-day (hello social media, planetary transits, grocery stores, family and friends!), when we move out the energy that’s not yours, you return to the highest frequency of your essential self.

Heal your body

When you operate from your highest frequency and unblock your energy body, your mind, body and spirit work together optimally. The body can then work to reverse dysfunction and disease through its natural ability to heal itself.

Live your purpose

When you are feeling good and vibin' high, you pave the way for your divine purpose to be fully expressed through you and you attract all of the beautiful things that life has in store for you.


I'm committed to helping you heal.

Energy Healing

As we restore the frequency of your essential self and release the “stuff” that’s not yours, we clear the barriers that stand between you, your health and your purpose.  When your vibe is high you can accelerate your healing, attract all the beautiful things that are meant for you, and share those vibes with the people + places you’re meant to impact.

Plus, it just feels good. You deserve that.

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Online Programs

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In these programs, you'll learn techniques that you can do on your own that will raise your vibe and accelerate your healing journey.

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"Morgan used her gifts to guide me on an incredible path of radical healing."

Lacey Phillps
Director | Alix Partners

"I’ve done different types of Energy Healing before but Morgan’s unique talent and intuition sets her apart from the rest. Not only was I able to reconnect with my spirit and gain insight to my most pressing questions, but she helped to reassure me that I am exactly where I need to be."

Christina Black
Pilates Instructor

"I received a human design reading from Morgan and its value surpassed my expectations. More than anything this reading was extremely validating and helped me understand better ways to accomplish my goals while working with my energetic self and creating harmony in the way that I move through life. "

Michelle Lopez
Life Coach + Business Coach

"Morgan helped me to become more intuitive and aware of my own power within. Morgan utilized a variety of skill sets and gifts, along with her unconditional positive regard, to guide me on my healing journey."

Jordan F.
Trauma Therapist

"I did multiple sessions with Morgan and they were nothing short of perfect. Morgan is amazingly warm and open, easily creating an inviting space to learn more about your soul without judgement. She worked on healing various aspects that popped up for me and it has felt like my soul has stepped into a new chapter of its being since both sessions. Morgan will take fantastic care of you and lovingly help your soul continue to progress, release, heal in whatever ways are needed."

Louise G.
Physicians Assistant

"I am so grateful I decided to step into this very unknown space because the outcome is even greater than I could have imagined! Morgan is able to capture what is truly important and distill it in such a beautiful way that resonates to the core."

Kara Booker
Project Manager | Google

Do you want to raise your vibe, heal your body & live your purpose?

Of course you do.

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The power to heal lies within you. 

I'm creating a free mini-program to teach you the top three ways you can raise your vibration which activates your body's innate healing abilities so you can heal baby, heal!

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